Art making is an evolving beauty, something just beyond our grasp which is inspirational and not profane. I want to look beyond the mire of relative taste oriented stimulations as well as other evolutionary trends in creative art consumption, to explore the passions of being visually relevant.  Objects, like people,  project expectations that are often disappointing.  Making important, worthy and difficult visual decisions are  processes we engage in and the fitting verbal context only adds strength to effect.  


Let us flee from the decorations of life that displace our true sensory needs with mundane visual litter.  The objects we surround ourselves with affect us in unseen ways.  They remind us where we were but they also can liberate us to aspire and search for the new direction we need to take.  I  search for visual meaning within my limited human experience communicating a desire for wholeness, harmony, vitality and integrity within the reflective framework of self-portrait.